Limos, Lambos, jets, and parties…

Rulers, credit sellers, narcissists… lunatics.

Marcelo Marini, typing today from the office.

In the old times, entrepreneurs were real-life workers… today it seems they want to be a celebrity…

Modern entrepreneurs want to be rich; they want to be a unicorn or a Time magazine cover. Trendy Entrepreneurs want to show off their lifestyle… in Limos, Lambos, jets, and parties… all external things you can figure…narcissists? Who knows it…

Massive debt is created while the less critical are willing to copy their methods… wise? We don’t know it… this modern mentality can destroy real business, families, and society – while financing the credit bubbles and overconsumption…we all end in economic cycles fases, expansion, retraction and all that nomenklatura.

To their rulers and creators: Some may say that they are good to go now! They have shown the world they have done that! Good or bad…No need to climb a mountain again… we mean… ok claptrap, applauses… you’ve done that, now go figure!

Familywise… I don’t know how they are dealing with it…Are they sleeping well… I mean… no pills at all. We suppose they are good parents… perhaps they are good… when economics change the commom man pays the bill… not the rulers, credit sellers, narcissists or lunatics.

Commom people don’t have this kind of mental issues… we work, we grow our family and try to be out of the mainstream, it’s contagious.

…Lack of financial education (and philosophy) ends up financing billion-dollar trendy entrepreneurs/business/banks/media stories, with no privilege to the common man.

People that don’t subscribe to this daily missives don’t know how it works… or maybe they have a clue…when markets collapse they see that they fail to profit from their investments; It’s hard to sell a $1 pen for $10… profit from it… pay transaction costs…taxes… if you don’t know the best time to buy stocks…and IPO… actually how to do it wisely!

Some lose values… family… but they don’t lose money…

…Because we like real wealth creation…next, we will be covering Family Wealth… how family business owners can prevent the meltdown of their structures to the new age common sense flaws…keep it in the family…

See you tomorrow…

Marcelo Marini

About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Corporate Finance Specialist, CEO, and author of the Marcelo Marini Diary, 7 Pillars to Wealth Mastery, The Factual Money Newsletter, and Podcasts. His thoughts and teachings are followed in North America, South America, and Europe.
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