Listen to the basics

Children get exposed to wants more than needs before the age of 7.

At the age of 7, they start to develop emotions, and from 7 to 14, they will be lovely or mad depending on the internal value of the influences around them.

By the age of 14, they start rationalizing, but without the right emotions or logic, they will learn the fastest road to failure, the fight for their wants.

Some children will fight with their parents because they want, not because they need something.

The same way adults fight with themselves and the world about their wants, not their needs.


Want: Ferrari. Need: Car

Want: Fashion Brand. Need: Clothes

Want: 1 million in the bank. Need: Gratitude

Being economical prosper is correct, but what is the cost involved.

Suppose you have a child and try to give everything he wants or you think he needs or that would be comfortable for your eyes to see, but in the end, you miss presence, love, and real affection.

What will they regret? a gift?

You can be a real millionaire, but please, don’t be a child with your wants, get to the basics; life is simple; get to the needs, and live wonderfully fulfilled by joy and love. You’re going to live significantly better.

Think wisely, act right.



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