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Wealth Mastery 101.

Your Master plan step by step to solid wealth building.

Special series: The seven steps to mastering solid wealth-building.

You must have a Master Plan that will lead you to solid wealth-building.

Note that first, you need to understand your priorities in a materialist way, so you shall write them down.

You must start from somewhere.

To start, we will show you how to organize your mind to accomplish your dreams, step-by-step, as a method of achieving things, from non-physical to physical plans, from ideas to matter.

  1. Dreams will become goals.
  2. Goals become 10-year Master plan.
  3. Yearly goals need to match the 10-year Master plan.
  4. Monthly goals to accomplish annual goals.
  5. Weekly objectives to accomplish monthly goals.
  6. Daily tasks to accomplish weekly objectives.
  7. Daily notes to self to help you help yourself think about your actions, goals, objectives, tasks, progress, reflections, gratitude, and notes.

By action on these seven points, you materialize your ideas. It regards consistency, focus, and mental strength. The more you train your brain, the more results you get.

That’s just the first topic.

Tomorrow we will bring up how to deal with your enemy. Distraction is an obstacle that you must deal with.

Coming up this week: The seven projects to the master plan of your solid wealth-building creation (Subscribe now to get it).

More coming.

Stay tuned.

Marcelo Marini

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