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Marcelo Marini

Marcelo Marini. Photo by Chanté Ramsey, NYC 2016.

Author, leader, innovator, intl speaker, business founder, and a private holding investor.

Subscribers to this website can read his thoughts, learn his teachings, listen to his podcasts, events and even interact with him or watch Marcelo’s real-time classes and become a student of his programs.

For General People: Marcelo has created the Unlock the World of Possibilities Course where he teach how common people can bring prosperity to their life and live like the real rich.

For Investors and Businessman: Marcelo has created the Factual Investing System, a complex designed idea to invest in the stock markets or business for busy entrepreneurs and investors with the minimal need of 2 hours a year. The Factual Investing System is also a tool for every entrepreneur to upgrade his mindset on what is really important when managing a business, like few of the most successful Fortune 500 companies does.

Marini has already conducted business on 4 continents… made investments in the most varied sectors… he sees new businesses opportunities passing by his desk every week… founder companies… traveled about 100,000 air miles just recently … spoke at the American States Organization and in different countries as the United States, China, Uruguay, and Brazil… his networking reaches more than 30 countries … In addition, his newsletter, Marcelo Marini’s Diary, is published for readers in the United States, Europe, and many countries. Marcelo is a Corporate Finance Specialist

In the last years, Marini has been mentioned in the book, The Entrepreneurial Mind (Gus Oliveira, NYC), in the article, The Macroeconomics of Intuition (Fabs Martins, UK), participated in the Steve Jobs Movie (Universal Studios, 2015) and lectured at the AEO – American States Organization (Washington DC) and TedX (Brazil).

In recent years Marcelo has inspired hundreds of people to Unlock their Potential to the World of Possibilities.

Marcelo Marini, Beijing, China 2011.

Marcelo Marini, AEO (American States Organization), Washington D.C. 2016.

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