Marcelo Marini

My clients come to me for two reasons: 

  • They are mostly entrepreneurs who want to change their lives, which is what I did in my own life and I inspired more than 1000 people from all over the world to do the same. More precisely today I have readers from four continents and students in 7 countries who have been mentored to achieve personal freedom and financial independence and live happier lives.
  • And companies come to me to grow and take more profits. They are people in business who want to increase their profits, they want to make more money in their own company, something I also did in my own career and advised companies of different sizes and sectors to do the same. Growing a few million, improving administration, and converting it into profit.

I am an entrepreneur, financier, and author. I like traveling with my wife, meeting new entrepreneurs, growth, and lifestyle performance. My favorite sport is basketball, and my hobbies include Snowboarding, Sim-racing, and Formula One.

I have a bachelor’s degree in business and an MBA in Corporate Finance, as a passionate entrepreneur I took some classes and participated in events with the entrepreneur’s community in Silicon Valley, Stanford, and Berkeley.

In my more than 15 years in the corporate world, and with my own physical and digital companies, I have followed an unusual path and my initiatives have brought more growth, performance improvements, profitability, and better quality of life.

So I decided that more people could achieve personal freedom and live a better life so I started sharing what I learned about entrepreneurship, finances, and lifestyle with some other entrepreneurs I knew. And their results were incredible. So I followed my passion for sharing value with people, founded a new company, and started sharing what I have learned and developed in my life with a community of readers and students around the world.

This work has generated the “The Independent Thinking” Newsletter and the Factual, with over more than 400 letters, 100 classes, and 300 podcast episodes applying my teachings to help people and organizations succeed in ways we can find realization in what we do and live a happier life. This is very inspiring and I love it when people start applying to the program and share their results. Although almost all our programs are currently held online (you can call it a lifestyle-online-business) and by real-time mentorship, e-mails, and calls, every year I hold live events for our community.

In the last few years I have done business in four continents… learned to investments in the most varied sectors… founded and sold businesses… traveled about 20,000 air miles just recently … and also spoke at the American States Organization… in the United States, China, Uruguay, and Brazil… 

I’m also proud of being mentioned in the book, The Entrepreneurial Mind (Gus Oliveira, NYC). In the article, The Macroeconomics of Intuition (Fabs Martins, UK). I have joined the Startup Embassy council (Palo Alto, Silicon Valley), participated in the Steve Jobs Movie (Universal Studios, 2015), and have been a speaker at universities, and TEDx (Brazil). 


Live Events:

Every year I hold new live events for the community of readers and students. Want to get on the Upcoming Events List to stay tuned and find out where the next ones will be?

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Think Independently

I encourage everyone to live a better life, upgrade their lifestyle, and to become happier. 

I encourage every business to grow improve and profit more. 

In both cases. It needs knowledge, the right tools, thinking wisely, and acting right, however, as a matter of fact, it all can also be learned and so achieved. 

So, if you’d like to learn how to achieve personal freedom, and independence and live happier, or if you want to get more results for your business with maximum success, sign up for my free Newsletter and Podcast and programs available.