Marcelo Marini

Marcelo Marini is an entrepreneur and author of articles on business and financial subject. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and holds an MBA in Corporate Finance.

Marcelo Marini has developed concepts to help individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders, family businesses, small and big companies, private and public, and investors thrive. His most recent publications include more than 300 essays, 100 classes, and 200 podcasts applying his concepts and methods to help individuals and organizations succeed. He has been a speaker at the American States Organization… in the United States, China, Uruguay, and Brazil… his networking reaches more than 30 countries … In addition, his newsletters are read in the United States, Europe, South America and other countries.

Marcelo has been mentioned in the book, The Entrepreneurial Mind (Gus Oliveira, NYC) in the article, The Macroeconomics of Intuition (Fabs Martins, UK). Marcelo is a Startup Embassy Consul (Palo Alto, Silicon Valley), participated in the Steve Jobs Movie (Universal Studios, 2015), and has been a speaker at the AEO – American States Organization (Washington DC), and more.

Marcelo Marini, Beijing, China 2011.

Marcelo Marini, AEO (American States Organization), Washington D.C. 2016.