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Marcelo Marini, typing from Florianópolis, SC, Brazil.

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In Jun/2022 your dearest writer thought that Agro Normalization was needed. 

  • Inflation then was the problem, here and there.
  • Interest rates lowered.
  • Stocks went to the roof again (United States, Brazil, Japan as an example)…

Now finally, 

Soybeans dip to new 3-year low in volatile trading day, as reported by Reuters yesterday. – Reuters.

It shakes business… for sure… however, we are not surprised, and our dear readers shouldn’t be.

On the other hand…

Agricultural Brazil (as the world knows it) will soon be the country that has more taxes… like Argentina… and is also the places that spend more!

Never enough…

Do you get it?

Most people are hypnotized… they read but they don’t get… it’s like they are living but actually not totally awake… like zombies…victims of repetition and affirmation… because they hear and see, so it means that they don’t have control over their senses they are subject to being hypnotized… 

They are under control.

They will soon switch clothes, cars, phones, homes… to all that is trend… by imitation and contagion.

They will be soon buying all trend stocks… they have a short span of memory or attention?

After 34 years, Japan’s stock market is finally at a top price again… It took them 34 years to get there… Warren Buffett made it again…

In the US it’s happening… in Brazil… same?

Is it real or mimetic?

What currently P/E is trading now, what was trading in Japan soon before the crisis?

We have to think for ourselves, enough propaganda… better yet, enough of putting our attention span on the things that don’t matter like TV, gossip, and more…

Who’s fault? Ours.

But what do you pay for? Money?

This author here doesn’t see it that way… everyone pays with their lifetime. The currency is time, even to buy the most stupid or useless things. Depending on what you buy, someone can judge whether you are conscious.

Pleasure is what man seeks when they are lost.

More coming,

Marcelo Marini

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