No mirrors, no social profiles

No Ferraris, no small talk, strictly business, most of the time… Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. Yesterday we covered the “uncommon wisdom of real wealth-building,” and as our readers found out, it’s unique… you can’t find it over the web… no Twitter, youtube, Instagram, no blog, or website…

The fortunate and the fool.

“The uncommon wisdom” of long-term real wealthy business people and their families. Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. As reported yesterday, here are the mistakes that the wealth makers don’t want their families to engage… Humans prefer to learn the hard way…  To get a glimpse of our thoughts,…...

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The way we look at things…

Same people stuck at the casino. Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. We visited the best places, talked with the weirdest… and most inspiring people, and have been working from where we are… Today we want to share a story with you… back when Tesla was real cheap… Bitcoin

What’s next?

Financing, marketers…Mental madness runs the world. Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. We are on the coast again. Lots of buildings here… the world seems to be evolving… at least companies are still able to get financing, so constructors manage to buy new debt from financial institutions in the

We are not presumptive to be right.

Here are some dots that maybe we have appeared to connect… Dearest reader, I try to see economic trends and talk about them, generally, I do this at all times and places. In my view, this critical thought is what we need to have to try to

Family Long-term success

The money maker and the business maker. Yesterday we left you hanging…we will come back to the unemployment issues topic next week… As for today, we will meet again to maintain the habit… of our weekly update on family business strategies and experiments… building and consolidating the…...

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You go broke that way!

We found some secrets about wall street and the bankers…facts that they don’t want you to know it… The COVID-era bull market is officially over. Not a secret to our dear reader. This week we covered some points about the 1929 Crash, what has happened before (September),…...

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