Dots missing…

The more days pass by we are possibly near a brand new financial crisis. Dear reader, I’ve passed two financial crises as an investor and a pandemic. I know that in times like these, things don’t go smoothly in days/months and years… The more days pass by…...

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Success Program

Earn your life. Raining weekend, but we didn’t settle. So we went to the gym yesterday and today.  To live well, you must follow your success program, tasks, objectives, goals, and dreams. Forget your wants and go for your duties. On Sunday, I got inspired to write…...

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Distraction is an obstacle.

Too much is too much. Historically, many people have tried to chase, pursue, and follow its path. The more you chase it, the more you get dizzy and frustrated… if you can’t see it with your eyes… Like the markets, it seems a moving obstacle that can’t

Live the life you want.

Wealth Mastery 101. Your Master plan step by step to solid wealth building. Special series: The seven steps to mastering solid wealth-building. You must have a Master Plan that will lead you to solid wealth-building. Note that first, you need to understand your priorities in a materialist way,…...

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Wealth Mastery

A Master plan, step by step, to Master your Wealth. Over the following days, I will share exclusive insights that can close the gap between your financial and wealth life. Many of you may think… it’s not for you, and I respect that. Not everyone is ready…...

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Project X Master Plan

You will need to invert the wheel. Don’t have projects not linked to a master plan. Projects must be a part of a master plan. When you think of your finances, put together a master plan, write down your goals (used to be dreams), objectives (weekly activable

Dreams and Goals.

Stop wondering… get results. Over my lifetime, I have seen people struggling to do things differently. A long time ago, I went from public to private schools. The same school where I gain a scholarship to play basketball. At that time, I was a C student, then

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