Money, Illusions and the New Year resolutions

A lot is going on, and we need to catch up.

People’s madness is still the same, economy, making money fast, trying to understand the non-understandable, buying and selling frenzy, crypto’s and the like.

To industries, materials impact costs; inflation is scaring the old and not-so for the young.

Life is full of changes, and we need to guess who is best to deal with and invest in the next year, so maybe Santa can bring you some gifts to your new resolution wants and needs.

In business, personally, professionally, financially?

We hope you make the best of the following year, and we’ll continuously be by your side.

Let’s get rid of the financial and mental illusion and hope for the best!

Don’t forget, and right actions bring fantastic results in life.

Keep walking the path, and stay tuned.



P.S.: Upgrade your plan to next year full covered.

About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

CEO of The Factual Money, Corporate Finance Specialist, businessman, and author of the Marcelo Marini Diary, The Factual Money Newsletter, and Podcast. His thoughts and teachings are followed in North America, South America, and Europe.
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