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We busy for the last few weeks… we are not even reading the news… as usual.

Marcelo Marini sharing his thoughts on business and finance, at 3 live events this month.

Bussiness Value, Not Price…

Do you believe Apple stocks have raised only because of the products they have launched? Take a look at the chart.

We know the market is huge, and the company is in good shape (business-wise and financially-wise), but look at stock prices… the company is currently priced over a trillion dollars.

Take a look at Google stock prices…


The tech rally was enormous.

We are wondering why…

Most business people and investors don’t get it.

It’s not about products, it’s about value creation and a bunch of irrationalities as always…

Barbie’s Corporate Finance

Barbie CEOs and CFOs don’t know what is Value Creation and How they can create value for the companies they work for.

First, you have to know the concepts, so that you can calculate them.

We analyze results, financials and identify key objectives for reaching the next level.

Most companies don’t know it, and nobody questions it.



Concern with real life. Create your future, don’t be defined by your past.

Why does Elon Musk want to grow X users’ real interactions?

If you are an investor you should worry about getting to know how companies create wealth, long-term value, and value creation, not stock prices.


Meanwhile, everyone seems to be talking about Barbie, we won’t spend our reader’s time… but have you ever wondered why everybody’s talking about it? Who will be benefited? Fugazzi…

When your life is driven by the news and social media you are far from away from reaching the next level.


Marcelo Marini

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