Never settle

The best part of doing what I do… is that I can do it wherever I want, whenever I want, and with whoever I want.

  • You can have a business.
  • You can manage multiple companies.
  • You can travel the world.
  • You can invest.
  • You can lead your field.
  • You can live with lifestyle.
  • You can work out and from the office.
  • You can delegate and inspire people.
  • You can create multiple streams of income.
  • You CAN’T do that by listening to someone else’s opinion.
  • They will fool you!
  • You will never do that by waiting for government solutions, listening to the news, or the wrong people.

Sometimes wrong, sometimes right, but I never settled…

Improving is my day job.

Before the end of this letter, I will leave you with four simple concepts to take with you.

So what is happening in the world that will affect my decisions and life? Mostly all…

But most people don’t know because they choose to watch the news and the social media… both are mostly propaganda… and you are in the loop for evil or worst… 

It doesn’t make your life better at all.

And I see that every time the economy bumps and dumps, more people are caught in the act… because they didn’t know what was happening in the world. As a result, many of our subscribers changed how they look at their economics, finances, and lifestyle. One of them decided to close more than 15 offices in the country and sell some of his five houses, not to invest but to profit and enjoy life. Another subscriber sold his farm and home and lives with his wife at the beach – passive income… it’s not for all – we are contrarians, most people don’t like – but we teach concepts and techniques that make it simple to do what we do…if that makes sense for you.

But here you don’t find mean opinions.

In the future, people will do like the wealthy do… they will have a private information channel to let them up to date on what is essential to their future and wealth… and lifestyle.

Today you can’t find it in the news, the banks, the brokers, the streaming media, consultants, or even schools!

How did it all start?

My questions started with…

What do successful people do? 

How do they think, and how do they do?

What are their habits… ways of thinking regarding a decision… we are all humans… what makes some make the leap?

When they have to do something… what is the great mind behind their acts?

What are the little things that create a massive impact on your success and wealth? 

Ultimately, how to do all this with a healthy lifestyle, living your most wanted dream life.

And we realized that…

Happy people don’t bring trouble to the table.

Successful people focus on their lives.

There’s a mindset into it… 

And money is just an idea…

Here are four concepts that I’m sharing with you to start touching on the good life…

  • Develop unique abilities and attitudes;
  • Learn and create multiple time/ideas/work so you can exchange money for the things we want;
  • Be a valuable person in your community, constantly improve and keep pushing; therefore, you can reach a prosperous life.
  • Your current position doesn’t define your current rewards. So you got to learn to think as if… From thoughts to reality, from the mind to the facts;
  • Plus: Have happy and successful people on your side.

More to come.

Two days…

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About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes the Independent Thinking Newsletter to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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