No mirrors, no social profiles

No Ferraris, no small talk, strictly business, most of the time…

Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil.

Yesterday we covered the “uncommon wisdom of real wealth-building,” and as our readers found out, it’s unique… you can’t find it over the web… no Twitter, youtube, Instagram, no blog, or website…

It is unique and very uncommon; that’s why most people are victims of the system; many people are slaves of the government and financial institutions… we don’t wish the same to our dear readers.

No mirrors, no social profiles

However, they are another kind of wealthy people. They don’t like exposure… you may not find them on social media… they are very restricted to the mainstream, even pictures on the web…

That’s why we bring you ancient wisdom on wealth building, no Ferraris, no small talk, strictly business, most of the time, they build the family business, among other kinds of transactions and deals.

One of the reasons the wealthy have been wealthy for centuries is because they learn how to support and educate their family and children to sound decision-making. They teach their families about wealth building, business, tax, and private property.

Still cruising and after

…after spending more days visiting other public and private islands, the party had to end. Around 3 am, we crossed near Bermudas’s Triangle, somewhere in the ocean… I looked around… never saw anything… 

Is it an illusion? Is it real?

We are – in part – physical creatures; we try to use our eyes… but not in this case.

Safe travels; 

Back to Miami, we went.

More to come,


Marcelo Marini

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