No More Offices? “Virtually” NOT

NEW YORK – Nice day at the Hudson River… lots of new buildings in the Hell’s Kitchen area…the economic world dies and survives from DEBT that’s what you need to know to be a better decision-maker.

Being Smarter

Last year one of our members that do not invest earned 7K just because she gets access to me and listens to our podcast…isn’t it the case of new pricing?

Last year a member’s husband profited 20K just because she listened to the podcast and told him about a banking trick that can save you lots of money… isn’t it the case of… never mind.

Your Economist Loves Debt

Debit is a vicious circle that generates more debt AND CREDIT; that’s why people love debt; actually, debt is good if you know what is good debt… For example: why buying a new Mac for yourself if you can buy it for your company and pay fewer taxes? The smart thing, no? Imagine when you start listening to our podcast… you can save much more calling Apple Business… give it a try, obviously, if you use it for work.

Don’t Kill your Boss

That’s how good debt is made… and if you need to refinance something… don’t kill your boss, watch our short course from savings to investing and make money… stop screaming, and do what it takes we are in the 21 century; not?


I believe that generally, people don’t change their behavior… that’s why investing in REITs is the next big thing, better yet with those with good debt and cash piles… rent is a money generating machine, and you don’t need to buy an office or apartment… learn to earn money like the real rich. Money is an idea… how far can you go?


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Stay tuned. Stay ahead.


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