Nothing wrong…

WeWork…Home prices to the roof… and the case of statistics…

Dear reader, good morning.

…Not such a good morning for renters and WeWork investors.

WeWork tragically drops 98,1% since its IPO.

WeWork price return over the years drop 98.1% since the IPO.

By this far dear reader must know we are not IPO fans. We like no mania… although news media love it.

As Contrarian thinkers, we guess something must be a bit wrong…

Home prices

Take a look at the below’s graphic…

Is there a correlation?

Since IPO, WeWork’s raw material – RENT – has gone a bit insane.

We guess it may not be the case for our dear reader…

WeWork could find new capital…. what it might need is office prices to get to earth or a collapse.

A collapse in home prices and office space won’t help consumers in the short run… so maybe it’s not the case.

What’s the case?

Economic statistics.

The good news is that we can’t trust economic statistics like inflation…GDP and more…

It might indicate something but it’s not completely true.


Over almost the same amount of time, the not-so-trendy Gold made it to work on a 22,2% price return. Not a Startup…less trendy, more real… 

Open your eyes, think wisely, and act right.

We shall see.

Best regards,

Marcelo Marini

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