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Once you go, God takes care of you. Think wisely and act right.

Here’s what Marcelo Marini found interesting this week:


  1. Take care of your health (body, mind, spirit);
  2. Take care of your family (be a great husband and father);
  3. Work wisely (find efficiency at work);
  4. Learn constantly (beginner’s mind);

—> Whatever we do, we need to be present, not simply do something but commit to like what we have to do and do it with high standards.


It’s very rare to be born. So live truly. – Marcelo Marini

What got our attention this week?

Last recession metrics and where we are today…

Questions from readers:

From Pátria Amanda Brasil:
My Dear 

Did it correct it or will it correct more? (Tesla)

From Rafael:

Subscribe to Factual, what are your plans?

From Amilton:

Is it time for Shares, Real Estate Investment Funds, or Fixed Income?

From Márcio:

Is it time to buy American government bonds?

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