Own your life

Choices, victims, bad judgment

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Not in a lifetime I thought…

People don’t want to get better, they just wanna:

  1. Suffer;
  2. Have fun.

They plan to retire…

They want to buy a house at the beach to spend the “last years”.

Why that?

That’s the power of bad influence, propaganda, and word of mouth. It’s contagious to the human mind, always listening… receptive.

The story started before me and maybe you.

People always try to sell ideas. They think, communicate, and do what they think is best for them. 

But do they discern? 

We don’t know…

From what we see, people love to follow public opinion, they set targets of how to live, but imaginary bad ideas, and fears end up controlling them.

Many people hold the idea that they cannot achieve something great.

Are they wrong?

You think, so you achieve.

Are you in control, really?

  • Like a man with a fever, he is controlled by it, he does not have it.
  • Like the man with power, he is controlled by it.
  • Like the man with all the money, it ends up controlling him.

The right concept will make you own your life, to live free and independently, because no matter how much you have, you don’t have anything if you cannot control your emotions, instincts, and actions, to choose, not to be chosen, that will make you free of time and location. 

To own your life, to be an owner, not the boss.

How do you do it?

Simple, learn the concepts and techniques that will make you free…


Marcelo Marini

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