Family Wealth


How to Create and Consolidate Family Wealth for Decades.

Family Wealth Course offers business owners, executives, and families precise details for the business transition and successful management, aiming for the perpetuity of the family and business wealth.



  • Long-term View;
  • Wealth-Building in Business and Finances;
  • Wealth-Building in Finances;
  • Families and Success;
  • Son, Daughter, and family members;
  • Business Structures;
  • Standardization;
  • Management;
  • Family Wealth Preservation;
  • Family Goals;
  • Family Business;
  • Family Assets;
  • Family Wealth-Building;
  • 4 Phases of Business Development;
  • Transitions between generations;
  • Daily Life;

3-day seminar with Marcelo Marini, with an option for weekly online real-time training.

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