Independent Thinking Daily Activities



  • Daily Management Activities to Live your Best Life in PDF format to be printed at home or office;
  • Audio instructions in English and Portuguese;

*You will be able to download the works 3 times in 30 days following the purchase or it will expire.

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The Independent Thinking Daily Activities, or the Independent Thinking Rituals, or the Independent Thinking Vibration Allowance, or the Create Your Future Daily Habits, is a Model of Thinking to organize your daily activities to level up your daily vibrations no matter what happens to you in your life or wherever you are your the situation you are today. It will be the tool needed by you daily to choose the life you want to live and to begin now to allow the good life you deserve to be attracted to you.


This format allows anyone willing to move to greater vibrations to receive the best of life (gifts) use it the longer you want, where you want, and when you want with the activities you want, to become more successful, happy, and prosperous as a result, but not for less than 30 days.