Independent Wealth


Redefine your thinking. Put your finances in the automatic. Put your business in automatic. Live your best life.

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This course encapsulates 15 years of research and practice in wealth creation, business growth, profit, and how to cultivate the right way of thinking. This innovative course could easily be referred to as an MBA in Wealth Creation and Business Management. It’s the most accurate way to create wealth from scratch, manage a business for growth, and profits, and adjust your thinking to work less and achieve more.

Marcelo Marini, an expert in finances and business, has generated independence, freedom, and a better lifestyle for entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and business people around the world with his unconventional ideas.

This complete course includes 30 hours of real-time classes and Q&A sessions, providing knowledge, tools, and weekly real-time interactions and redefining success in wealth creation, business management, and thinking processes.