Stop Buying

Stop suffering.

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The significant advance of Credit pulls more people into unhappiness than it should.

Some weeks ago, we saw what happens with debt when people die.

Now, let’s take a look at why this keeps happening…

People like buying new cars, homes, jewelry, clothes, clothes, and more clothes… so much that they can’t even use…

This buying and wanting stops people from getting what they need.

They don’t need a new suit, purse, watch, or iPhone.

They need to stop wanting things that will destroy their lives.

By now, most people are in debt…

Their stories would be better if they learned how to invest appropriately instead of not saving.

Let me show you why…

Mainly, they buy something they can’t afford, but with the help of a credit car, bank, or financing, they are “able” to do it for a nickel a month—a portion of its total amount.

But what if they lose their job? If the economy slows… the competitor grows and sends you off the market?

People cannot think long-term.

Their wants and thoughts hypnotize them. 

They cannot see the whole picture.

Get rid of this insanity.

Let’s look at the difference between these two families:

Family one/Business one:

  • Average person
  • Income: 1000
  • Expenses: 950
  • Net: 50
  • Savings: 0

Family two/Business two:

  • Financial wise.
  • Income: 1000
  • Savings/invest: 100
  • Expenses: 900
  • Net: 100

If you wait to save enough time until you have what you want, you may wait for over 30/40/50 years, as most of our parents… and some die without money.

You will expend less if you have less to spend.

Life is like this.

People don’t think long-term and don’t act long-term.

They go to the doctor instead of going to the gym.

They go to the bank for new financing instead of learning how to deal with it well.

The problem is… you become ill in some years because of your chemistry… and poor.

If you don’t train your brain, your life becomes a mess – Marcelo A. Marini.

You have to find a way of earning money while you work, lunch, and shower by investing wisely. Financing is the opposite; you lose more daily (with a cord on your neck).

Never wait

Put in extra effort.

Learn before you need, exercise before you need, save before you need, and eat better before taking pills.

You can change it.

Do you want to take a different road? You can try it… but don’t try to shortcut.

You have to work like no one is seeing you.

You have to do what you have to do, not just what you like.

Having to is a great sacrifice. If you get it.

Doing just what you like to is like running away from the lesson.

Realization is found when you do what you need to do, not when you contribute to the next market meltdown. 

Bitcoin… IA… Big data… 

More coming.


Marcelo Marini

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