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Raining weekend, but we didn’t settle. So we went to the gym yesterday and today. 

To live well, you must follow your success program, tasks, objectives, goals, and dreams.

Forget your wants and go for your duties.

On Sunday, I got inspired to write a few pages on my notes that will be part of a book later. Thank God for keeping me inspired and motivated.

Yesterday I planned today’s activities. It’s my regular program for starting the day, concentrating on what I have planned;

How I’ve planned my day:

The Morning:

I wrote five things I wanted to accomplish today—starting with two more important things than the rest. I believe I can achieve more over the decades by focusing on a few things a day, and mostly I end up achieving much more than I have planned. That’s why I got here. Plan hard, act (work hard and smart) and study hard.

I keep all deliveries and essential tasks on Planning projects to track my performance at work and home.

On Mondays, I set up my weekly objectives, and that’s how I know what I need to focus on during the day. 

This week we have Cyber Monday week as an incredible opportunity for our subscribers to upgrade their subscriptions.

How I’ve followed business today:

  • Marketing plan for the week;
  • I replied to messages from my team that was waiting for my response to move on;
  • I updated my calendar for an important meeting tomorrow;
  • We updated our prices for newsletter subscriptions and podcasts at Apple.
  • On the business side, I think Apple may have a point with Chinese suppliers… It may impact some other tech companies in the US and worldwide.

More coming.

Keep following the path.

Marcelo Marini

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