How we look at the situation…

The world economy is currently…  If you look at the markets you can get mixed sentiments…  If you look at the news you can be somehow “limited”.  …especially if you don’t know how business and the financial world really work to understand what’s happening... Not just that but what not to look at the economy…... Read more

Illuminates the Thoughts

Thinking wisely is something we don’t learn at school, business, or even university. Eventually, we came across commentaries on finance, markets, and life that are somehow “limited”. Independent thinking illuminates the thoughts for the dear reader… Take the following examples: Finances: What’s the financial problem you are currently facing? Markets: The economy is doing badly,... Read more


A broken mindset and it’s over… You are a subject of the mind. Why that? In the news all that is wrong… if you get attached to it you become a slave… A mental slave who reflects other’s ideas, not yours. Repeat other’s ideas and opinions, not yours… Day and night it’s the same game,... Read more

The Real Asset

Why most people don’t achieve their desires? They change desires at the speed of their thoughts; They hold contrary expectations of what they really want. Both will slow down the process of achieving your desires. Know the real secret? What differentiates one person from another is how they act in his life, and what they... Read more

What life you want?

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash It’s very common to find people either doing two things. Talking about trivialities; and things that they don’t like or wish could be somehow they wanted. It’s no surprise what they attract into their lives. They live a life of expectation and frustration as if they were predestined to live a certain... Read more