What would you do?

Good morning everyone, Improving life is simple. Just get rid of the bad habits. Okay, which habits are not good? Then we come to self-knowledge, the perception of the senses, life itself, and the why. Especially the observation of oneself. Looking at yourself as an observer, what habits do I cultivate? which ones are automated?...

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The best is yet to come.

Good morning friends, This week we start a new series of Podcast episodes. Below are some feedbacks from you. -Man, it was very good! -Much better that way. We used to start Saturday mornings together for years, do you remember? So it was a pleasure to write to you every Saturday bringing new points of...

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Connect the dots.

Sometimes life gives you a mystery, and you must work it out. Yesterday we went to 3 stunning beaches, had lunch in Portuguese Cuisine, Had coffee in one of the most growing places to buy properties, and got home without traffic. To celebrate my birthday, we went to the see. I tell you what I...

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Never settle

The best part of doing what I do… is that I can do it wherever I want, whenever I want, and with whoever I want. You can have a business.You can manage multiple companies.You can travel the world.You can invest.You can lead your field.You can live with lifestyle.You can work out and from the office.You...

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Your wealth and future are at risk…

Marcelo Marini, typing today from Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. Your wealth and future are at risk… Three truths you shouldn’t have known… All you see is propaganda; you are on Truman’s show, and everything around you is controlled to take your money from your pocket to theirs… T.V. shows, News, Ads, Influencers, Movies, Songs, and...

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Fool of us…

Housing Bubble? Is Crypto Frenzy still running? Stocks overvalued? Any note can be translated to Portuguese and English, please access the platform. Marcelo Marini, typing from Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. People want to know… will they? The market doesn’t want you to know that… why? That will make them fools… they don’t like to be a...

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Welcome to the business world, folks!

Less shopping… less amazon.com… fewer jobs… Marcelo Marini, typing today from Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell told the annual gathering of policymakers that the road ahead will “bring some pain to households and businesses” in the US, an “unfortunate cost of bringing down inflation.” said Bloomberg. Something wrong? Why we? There...

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No reason founded.

The economy is going up or down? Stocks are going up or down? Where the economy is heading to? Is it safe to be like always… to challenge the reason, the unexpected? People tend to take their work to travel with them; they take their minds wherever they go. Therefore, they cannot enjoy their lives. ...

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Morning Ritual

A significant part of accomplishing new things and succeeding is deciding to create a morning ritual, which you may repeat daily – always in a different way. Many people struggle to get it because their minds are not still. However, once they find some stillness, it is much simple to keep it. You cant start...

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Where are they heading to?

Treacherous, too trendy, too flashy… too wrong?

Well, Are we contrarian to the common public view? That’s how we -sometimes – see economics, politics, and future trends; we have been successfully controversial in today’s world.

In the mid-late year, we thought that markets were treacherous, too trendy, and flashy, by popular opinion.

The opinion creators and propaganda build moments like this in the ordinary person’s mindset, and if he does not think for himself, he has nothing to do but trust the propaganda.

Independent thinkers, minds, spirits, question! 

Yes, we have some dots that we need to figure out… 

Better to profit when everyone is likely to be wrong.

It’s not just important to understand what propaganda says but why that particular opinion or comment has been published.

We don’t believe business and investing are accessible, mostly because crowds are irrational most of the time…lead to emotions… and for one reason or other, feelings seem to prevail in the human mind…

We fight for independent thinkers.

We do not intend to be popular. We don’t like trends and following someone else’s opinion. But, you got your brain… we must use it well. Our body is something that if we don’t use, we lose… 

Nature tells us their fight for efficiency “intelligent acts” daily.

Nothing is impossible to an independent mind.

Keep walking the path.

Marcelo Marini

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Most people never ask this simple question.

Wisdom is not about age…

What would you do with your life?

…if you were you…

Most people never ask…

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to plan your new trip? Live abroad? Open a new business? Stop procrastinating? Develop new habits? Earn extra money? Invest? Do you want freedom and independence?

Most people never go for it…

Most people fells scared… as Charles Leclerc felt this weekend…after getting his podium… after driving for Ferrari… he was scared.

People are weird…

However, most of the things we are scared of never happen.

Most people spend their time doing things they don’t want, but they have learned to do them automatically, and that’s the biggest mistake… getting automatically average.

Deconstructing is easier… as it’s also easy to reconstruct the same failures because you are not living, you are repeating patterns.

Wisdom is not about age; it is about getting into the present moment, seeing the infinite world of opportunities and activities in a new way… consistently…

We believe each individual can transform their behavior into what he most intends to do, achieve, and be inspired.

We create more bonds over victory, not just friendship.

Stay tuned.

Marcelo Marini

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Awareness for independent thinkers

Marcelo’s diary…a short message for you…Rafaela’s weekly update on Philosophy.

Editor’s note:

  • You didn’t receive Marcelo’s diary yesterday.
  • He has a short message for you, reader.
  • We will leave you with Rafaela’s weekly update on Philosophy.

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Here’s a quick missive from Marcelo’s Marini Diary:

Dear reader,

Commodities are more than 25% down… Corn… 30% Wheat… 37% Soybeans… 27%

If it keeps sinking, the whole economy will need readjustments, prices, demand, and financial positions… it can be a good point for inflation… however, it can also be the case of Agro Normalization, we’ve told our subscribers. We believe AG commodities markets are overheated… We do not complain about farmers investing in their land and machinery; although if current prices are not held, the following season can be challenging to farmers… as a first sector, it will accelerate the downsizing of this frenetic buy economy.

More to come.


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Now back with Rafaela’s weekly update…below the translation.

Nota do editor: 

  • Você não recebeu ontem o diário do Marcelo.
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  • Vamos deixar você com a atualização semanal da Rafaela sobre Filosofia. 

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Aqui está uma nota rápida do Diário Marcelo Marini:

Caro leitor,

As commodities caíram mais de 25%… Milho… 30% Trigo… 37% Soja… 27%

Se continuar afundando, toda a economia precisará de reajustes, preços, demanda e posições financeiras… pode ser um bom ponto para a inflação… assinantes. Acreditamos que os mercados de commodities AG estão superaquecidos… Não reclamamos dos agricultores que investem em suas terras e maquinário; embora se os preços atuais não forem mantidos, a safra seguinte pode ser desafiadora para os agricultores… como primeiro setor, acelerará todo o downsizing da economia.

Mais para vir.


Torne-se um membro.

Agora deixamos você com a Rafaela e sua atualização semanal de Filosofia, seus textos podem ser encontrados semanalmente aqui, ou no O Incognito.

Domingo enquanto assisto ao nascer do sol, ouço gritos na rua… Adolescentes alcoolizados andando na praia às 5:00 da manhã.

O primeiro questionamento que tenho é: Como irão produzir os hormônios necessários para realizar aquilo que precisam? Será que conseguem exercer suas potencialidades e capacidades agindo dessa forma?

A juventude tornou-se um lugar escuro onde a grande maioria está desenvolvendo distúrbios que atrapalham seu desempenho diante da vida.

“Na juventude, não devemos hesitar em filosofar; na velhice, não devemos deixar de filosofar. Nunca é cedo nem tarde demais para cuidar da própria alma. Quem diz que não é ainda, ou já não é mais, tempo de filosofar, parece-se ao que diz que não é ainda, ou já não é mais, tempo de ser feliz. Jovens ou velhos, devemos sempre filosofar; no último caso, para rejuvenescermos pelo contato com o bem, pela lembrança dos dias passados, e no primeiro, para sermos, embora jovens, tão firmes quanto um ancião diante do futuro. ” Epicuro (341-270 a.C.)

A revista Time relatou que, durante a Guerra do Vietnã, usar heroína estava se tornando um hábito tão corriqueiro entre os soldados americanos, quanto mascar chiclete, e existem evidências sólidas para sustentar tal afirmação: cerca de 20% dos soldados americanos ficaram viciados em heroína no Vietnã, segundo um estudo publicado no Archives of General Psychiatry. Muita gente ficou compreensivelmente aterrorizada; elas achavam que com o fim da guerra um enorme número de viciados voltaria para casa. Mas, na realidade, cerca de 95% dos soldados viciados – segundo o mesmo estudo – simplesmente pararam de usar heroína. Alguns poucos foram para clínicas de recuperação. Eles passaram de uma gaiola aterrorizante para uma agradável, e não queriam mais usar drogas.

O ambiente e as amizade influenciam o desenvolvimento de hábitos nocivos?

No filme Gênio indomável, o protagonista Will Hunting (Matt Damon) carrega memórias de traumas, abandono, agressão, é um adolescente extradionário que se contenta em viver a vida mais ou menos apesar de seus dons, passa seus dias alcoolizado com os amigos e entrando em brigas sem sentido. Ele trabalha como faxineiro no prestigioso Instituto de Tecnologia de Massachusetts e acaba atraindo a atenção do renomado professor Gerry Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard), em virtude, da sua resolução em uma equação matemática, deixada em um quadro negro. Julgado culpado por agressão após uma briga, Will é preso, mas consegue ser liberado do tempo na cadeia, caso aceite trabalhar junto de Gerry e a atender semanalmente uma sessão de terapia. Um de seus amigos, Chuckie Sullivan (Ben Affleck) questiona o amigo Will, o porquê de exercer determinadas atitudes, sendo um gênio, com qualidades únicas, enfatiza a necessidade de aproveitar suas potencialidades da melhor forma, para que quando, estiver com 50 anos de idade, esteja longe do sentimento de arrependimento por falta de ação.

O que move os jovens? A grande maioria age por medo? O medo de não ser aceito por determinado grupo? De não ser aceito pela família?


The fortunate and the fool.

“The uncommon wisdom” of long-term real wealthy business people and their families. Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. As reported yesterday, here are the mistakes that the wealth makers don’t want their families to engage… Humans prefer to learn the hard way…  To get a glimpse of our thoughts, we are sharing some brief comments on “the...

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The way we look at things…

Same people stuck at the casino.

Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil.

We visited the best places, talked with the weirdest… and most inspiring people, and have been working from where we are…

Today we want to share a story with you… back when Tesla was real cheap… Bitcoin real cheap…and S&P, already in a bull market… business was what it is! Business! Anyplace…anytime.

The Bahamas 2015. 

Are we going to solve the world’s problems? Maybe not… so we better live our lives to the fullest, tune in to higher frequencies, and achieve more… 

Mission: Not to avoid the good life.

We could have done so little, but we are not intended to…

But why do some people never rest? Why do they never stop? Matter of choice? Luck? intention… we don’t know…

I just got back in the U.S. I planned every significant aspect of the experience; it took me three months, expecting the unknown… But, first, we took a cruise to the Bahamas and two tinny desert islands, then back to Miami, where we could start our next attempt.

Coconut water and fruits.

People were happy. The place was incredible, The Cruise stopped in high oceans, and we took our boats to visit the Island…

What could you do there?

We went to the sea. The water was crystal clear, just a little dust. The sun had never made it to the Island; it was all cloudy that day… we didn’t wait… We saw some beautiful fish, seahorses, and stars, like the ones we saw on the beach today (7 years later).

Sunbath and we got to lunch… I was expecting to get back to the Cruise, but really? What’s best than lunching in the middle of a tiny island in the middle of nowhere?

My frugal lunch that day was simple decks… old chairs, big wood tables, one price fits all, and coconut water and fruits with a view of the beautiful sea. 

You have to cut lumber before setting up a fire…

There we found no news, no TVs, no social media… for the few… why do we worry so much? Three days and nothing really changed! So why bother so much? Why try to control the uncontrollable? Why want to be at the top of what’s going on? We prefer just trying to connect some dots…

Back to the Cruise, we stopped by some Kayaks just because we could kayak! Then the sun came up, and I was glad. The best of life was a simple one…

You got to find your way during the good and bad moments. It’s all an experience… a learning life… we live in a learning life, where we are all apprentices…

That day was remarkable. I never dreamed of being on an island in the middle of nowhere, near Bermuda’s triangle… we were alive. That’s best!

Most people never dream, never go, they wait too much to perfect conditions…

Best time to live… invest… best time to figure out your finances, future achievements… your morning routine…

Market updates… 

The market is getting back into a trading frenzy… as it seems to be… those same people that were with us on the Cruise are still stuck at the casino all day… all night… numbers, ups, and downs…bad feelings… 

Commodities finally start declining…

Bitcoin… maybe lost on an Island near Bermuda’s Triangle… next movement? what are your guesses?

Gold solid…

Business people are busy…as we are.

No time to rest. Mental addiction? Try to avoid it…

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Long-term, what matters most to your future? Are alive people still young?

Want to know the mistakes the wealth-makers don’t want their families to engage?

More coming…

Marcelo Marini

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