The end of the economy

I think a recession, at this stage, is almost inevitable. The probability of a recession in 2023 is undoubtedly very, very high because of the challenges of getting this roaring inflation under control and having so few tools to control the supply side of the economy. Said by Former Fed Gov. Roger Ferguson Some Ultra-Wealth...

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World & War, Prices, P/L, Concerns and Opportunities. Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. Dear subscriber, We don’t communicate often. We don’t sell news frenzy; we don’t like talking too much. We work hard. But we prefer the few things; we prefer quality over quantity. We don’t spend time in the Bla-Bla-Bla media. We like being different...

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Inspiration to long-term investors

Feb/21 – Country home, Brazil. Dear subscriber. I’m delighted to share with you some articles that have made my life easier, so I strongly recommend your reading if you want to. I’m thrilled to share with you some of the working materials that have been inspiring hundreds of capital allocators, investors, and businesses in the...

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Protect your wealth

Ok, you need to measure risk.

But first, we need to assume that our mind is constantly trying to keep us entertained; with what’s going on and what our memories recall.

So it can be silly, but we generally take each day as the previous day, week, month… for most, it could be an infinite groundhog day.

Let’s assume we want to eliminate this illusion by understanding that each moment is new and can do what we want with it, but we are responsible for our intentions.

That alone shows us that nothing is genuinely predictable here.

All right, now, let’s switch our conversation to the corporate, business, financial, and investing world.

We can try to predict, but we will never be sure until time comes and we take a look at how we’ve done from what we expected.

If you don’t know anything about the actual future, I suppose no one knows it, and most everyone is trying to figure it out. However, some are playing a very risky game of changing their behavior just when things are out of control.

The day after the crisis is too late to think about your portfolio, no?

We must learn daily.

We must be open to the new daily.

These times that we are passing are showing us that the unexpected can be expected…

It sounds weird again… but if you get it, you will think twice about following investing tips ideas, business ideas and event travel, and health ideas from others just because they don’t have the same clue as us of what is important to us, only.

Let us also assume that if you invest and don’t have a margin of safety or protection, you are exposed to the subsequent tsunami, war, Vulcan, or at least a financial crisis.

My advice is to watch your actions but rationalize what is essential to you… What can you lose? What can you not? Then do your best to make safe preventions, safety margin, protection, diversification, not diworsification, and expect the unexpected. It’s the most accurate way you can’t be caught in lousy acting regarding your life choices.

Stay tuned.



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Can’t avoid risk, try this.

Investing is easy; I’ve heard three little guys talking today while in my country home condominium; both were about seven years old, each holding a soccer ball and chatting about Bitcoin prices, really, that simple. The chat goes on… Do you see bitcoin prices? You should buy bitcoin; prices are up & up, it doesn’t...

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Money, Illusions and the New Year resolutions

A lot is going on, and we need to catch up.

People’s madness is still the same, economy, making money fast, trying to understand the non-understandable, buying and selling frenzy, crypto’s and the like.

To industries, materials impact costs; inflation is scaring the old and not-so for the young.

Life is full of changes, and we need to guess who is best to deal with and invest in the next year, so maybe Santa can bring you some gifts to your new resolution wants and needs.

In business, personally, professionally, financially?

We hope you make the best of the following year, and we’ll continuously be by your side.

Let’s get rid of the financial and mental illusion and hope for the best!

Don’t forget, and right actions bring fantastic results in life.

Keep walking the path, and stay tuned.



P.S.: Upgrade your plan to next year full covered.

First Bitcoin ETF. Out now?

Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. Today the first bitcoin exchange-traded fund is expected to start trading.It should bring a lot of investors’ attention to the crypto markets. It will make Bitcoin trading more accessible to individuals and institutional investors, easily by trading a single ETF. It should be the next trend for investors as the number...

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