$13 to forget?

Contrarian thinking... and the good that is actually not bad... When you think big it influences small actions that make you grow. When you make long-term goals it organizes all your short-term actions. Long-term thinking benefits short-term actions. What happens when you pick the right stocks? Suppose you had 13 dollars in 2019 and decided... Read more


Same taboo. "Let’s take it nice and easy, it’s gonna be so easy” — Frank Sinatra.  Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash Nowadays government does whatever it can to "empoorment" you. I mean…Empowerment, right?… not, rushing would be a crime. Most people don't invest time in finances because they assume it's a bad thing or that they are too lazy... Read more

How to Make a Fortune in Stocks and the Business World

Editor’s note: Here’s what you need to know about Marcelo Marini and Rafaela's writings and resources available in English and Portuguese this week. Most people lose money on companies and stocks. They fear the inevitable political changes and motivated, social, and international complications affecting their money and business. They don't want to lose money or new... Read more