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Good morning, today at 8PM we are going to have a special Q&A class on Investments of the Future course and we hope you enjoy it.

New Colour and More.

Early this week Apple unveiled the next generation desktop – a New Mac – a new colour on it’s new iPhone 12, a new iPad and the AppleTag. You can check it out here.

More on Tech…

Plaid, one of our founder’s favorite private companies, received new investments that made its value already in more than $13 billion. Early this year the company refused to merge with Microsoft in a $5 billions valuation… it seems like a good choice and now the company can continue innovating and expanding while it’s still a private and very promising company.

Stay tuned…

Is XRP back? XRP settled a huge step forward and its process with the SEC. The company’s law firm is arguing that XRP is not an asset, it’s a currency. It’s price is plumbing this year. More than that it can pave a signal to a solid cryptocurrency market in the future.

By the way

The Human mentality is incredibly unique, it seems that the love or hate mentality is never going away… Bitcoin is well valueted… still recent news is driving investors’ mentality to the insane. Meanwhile insanity is never enough, that’s why the Factual Investor has risk exposition… people don’t know how to behave, put your hats on.

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