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The case of WeWork, Rent/Buy, and lack of wisdom.

Dear reader, Good morning!

News is urgent…The diary is important.

Important things come first… business-wise it may be sales/revenue, and operating income… to start…

Wisdom starvation

The first step of a business is sale… many adventurous business people think it’s renting/buying an office, furniture, paperwork, and the like…

The second step will be profit. Don’t try to ignore it.

Nowadays with the advent of the “free” internet, many people get inspired by what someone does, they skip their own lives and try to fix it by doing what someone else’s does… crazy.

Sometimes people end up trusting unknown famous internet superstars, while libraries are empty, and bookstores may be crowded to buy the new get-rich quickly venture… 

Your author doesn’t like free stuff. We must be serious with what we let be inside our heads and spirit. Not empty compromises… 

One of the privileges of being a writer is that much of what we write will end up not happening, as it is through reading that a few people open their eyes. And these have the opportunity to change their designs, foreseen by us. – Marcelo Marini

The more suitable to propaganda the risker it gets to you…

Money is not free.

Blue bar… WeWork revenue over the last 7 years

Green bar… Cost of Goods Sold.

Grey bar… Operating Income, negative.

Orange bar… Free Cash Flow, negative.

We Work

If a company is good at something it should create Operating Income, if not, what’s the point of doing it if you cannot operate it…

Simple, the point is a perspective… business-wise it’s irrational. Although entrepreneurs create these big elephants in ways they can fund their business, and pay expenses while they have time to transform the imaginative Startup into a real business, like Regus.

IWG (Regus)

Created 30 years ago, disruptive? From this quick perspective, it’s quite the opposite.

The problem with startups is that many banks and people earn lots of cash to make it popular, to launch an IPO of a Zombi (company that does not generate profits – the only real objective of a company…), so they may get their pockets full, while IPO/News/Urgent/Trendy investors and people buy the dream… sometimes empty.


We are not making the case against WeWork… or IWC, we are trying to connect the dots with our dear readers about how propaganda creates mental images in our minds that end up shaping people’s behaviors.

Our case is in favor of the dear reader that are not fools.

Comparison between companies:

Explode America and…

Inflation means that money in your pocket has less value than you see.

Over time, you can increase your income, but what if inflation increases more than you can get?

The bottom line is less money to invest/spend.

The bottom line, is less GDP, less quality lunch/dinner… 

If life becomes more expensive, inflation goes up and nobody questions it… still, we have some questions…

The whole system is damaged but we need to go to the end anyways…

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Beyond the Housing Bubble (2006)…

Who is going to afford it?

How come inflation numbers are not real? Nor GDP?

What if it’s worse than we thought? Is someone lying to you about these “facts”?

We shall see.

Great actions create stunning rewards in life.

Think wisely, and act right.

Best regards,

Great weekend!

Marcelo Marini

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