Tesla from bad to…

Back in 2019, we thought that would be a good time to buy TSLA stocks… it ended up a phenomenal pick.

Tesla wasn’t the type of company we could invest solely. Business metrics weren’t good at that time. No operational margin, net margin negative, lots of doubts.

We bought TESLA at around $13 dollars a share sold less than a year later at around $100 and later on $143, $264, and $225.

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 1.030,3% price return over 5 years – 62,7%

Price return over 5 years equals 62,7% year. 1,030.3% Total return.

Uncorrelated choices. Value investing, plus trends.

We often find stupidity in the stock markets.

The Stock market is an amusement park. Every day there are dozens of opportunities to buy stupidity shares. And a lack of opportunities to buy great companies. With time… not in good shape people can become shaped… as not in good shape stocks can become great.

It’s a matter of knowing what you are doing.

Tesla in the last 10 years, study by the author.

As you can see,

Revenue growing…

Gross margins well.

Operating margins getting in good shape only after 2019…

First Free cash flow 2019… then increasing each year…

That’s how you turn a not well business into a good business.

Will the margins continue? Is the stock price fair? Is there a row for more?

You need to ask yourself.


Marcelo Marini

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