The end of the economy

I think a recession, at this stage, is almost inevitable. The probability of a recession in 2023 is undoubtedly very, very high because of the challenges of getting this roaring inflation under control and having so few tools to control the supply side of the economy.

Said by Former Fed Gov. Roger Ferguson

Some Ultra-Wealth European families are shifting from money to gold.

And gold is hitting its highest price in the modern era… 

Still, it’s worth it?

While Bitcoin is a doubt, gold is a sure.

But is the economy really collapsing?

Are the Central Banks trying to avoid a collapse or just helping prolong its symptoms?

Central banks are printing more money.

Inflation is getting high.

GDP is a doubt.

Income is… a nop.

House prices are increasing.

The train is lost, and we can’t stop it.

Nobody can.

We create depression so we don’t have to deal with it; nobody does. But, unfortunately, sometimes it’s too late.

In times of recession, there’s no better money than cash, a well-managed company with lots of cash, a well-valued profession, and if you can’t avoid the next crash, being indispensable is the new rule!

That’s the only way you’ll not suffer when a crisis alert rings over and then snoozes again…

The name of the game? Cycles of economic insanity.

Keep walking the path.


Marcelo Marini

About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes the Independent Thinking Newsletter to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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