The fortunate and the fool.

“The uncommon wisdom” of long-term real wealthy business people and their families.

Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil.

As reported yesterday, here are the mistakes that the wealth makers don’t want their families to engage…

Humans prefer to learn the hard way… 

To get a glimpse of our thoughts, we are sharing some brief comments on “the uncommon wisdom” of real wealthy business people and their families. We think that our dear reader may find it constructive. Or not…

The Brief Uncommon Wisdom of Wealth that financial institutions, fake news media, and brokers don’t want you to know… why?

14 examples of why you may be losing time and money…

  1. Why they do not invest their money in funds;
  2. Why they don’t invest in what their brokers tell them;
  3. Why few stocks are considered a good investment…, and even fewer are regarded as a tremendous opportunity.
  4. Why do they prefer not to invest in conservative investments;
  5. Why do they choose not to give money to charity;
  6. Why do they prefer not to invest their money with money professionals;
  7. Why they don’t look for investments just in the stock markets…
  8. Why they don’t like trading stocks and speculators;
  9. They don’t invest in IPOs;
  10. They don’t like paying for transaction costs and taxes;
  11. Why do they prefer family-owned companies to corporations…
  12. They don’t read conventional investment books… and follow internet influencers;
  13. They like buying a home, land, and gold… and still hold a good portion of their investments in stocks…
  14. They learn how to support and educate their family and children to sound decision-making.


Marcelo Marini

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