The government spends…

Economic policies, inflation, the credit bubble makers…

Marcelo Marini typing today from Southern Brazil.

Two days ago, trucks were moving down to Rio Grande Port to export soybean to China; this time, they were returning to the farm unloaded… as we see the end of a good but not great production season here.

Unlike politicians, farmers need to pay for their meals and ours beforehand.

Brave farmers! They truly deserve a standing ovation.

Lots of seeds, lots of equipment, land… great prices (this time). However, high costs and lack of production are a pain… still lots of food!

Do the math.

Why is lunch for two 100 bucks? Could we pay 37 for a couple of coffee for two? Water 5? Is it the farmer’s fault? I don’t believe it’s the farmer’s fault… But Ph.D. specialists. Naive thinkers? 

Not sure…

The ones that make economic policies, the credit bubble makers…

The world can be separated between Thinkers and Doers; Doers discover how things work because they actually do something, so they hold enough knowledge to run their ranches, factories, small shops, and the like… and the thinkers who study what the Doers do…To ruin their lives… 

Maybe they are more concerned about dinner tonight, historical data, and correlations while their wages inflate… as real-life inflation continues. Who pays the bill? The government? The government spends.

Next stop: Economic depression, where we all need to meet real-life capitalism again.

The movie goes on.

Take a seat.

Stay connected.

Marcelo Marini


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