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Marcelo Marini typing from Itajaí, Brazil.

Requests for judicial recovery from rural farmers are increasing in Brazil influenced by current soybean prices.

Is it the soybean prices that are quoted wrong? or is it a lack of farmer’s management? Something more?

We anticipated this movement on June, 13th, 2023 (Agro Normalization)

Contrary Thinking

Agro Normalization

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Public opinion

During the pandemic, the gym cost was 19 reais per month, and there was no one inside… so the prices went up and up, and now they reached a peak of 139 reais here on the coast of Santa Catarina, and it’s currently full, but we don’t mind, we are not paying…

What will happen to prices now? Will they rise or fall?

We have made a 671% return on a not-great company linked to AG… contagious behavior made it happen… and you can almost see the end of it coming… 

Investments work like this.

Life works like that…

When you can make a good deal, unknown, you don’t. But when everyone wants it and talks about it, everyone wants it.

Everybody uses debt to buy a new car and home… What is the result? The world is currently over-priced! Human mind flaw… contagious thinking.

Everyone pays more… human behavior… (already explained in our weekly missives).

Contrary thinking…

The flaw of getting contagious thinking

Bad luck, bad opinions, bad habits, unhappy people, all are contagious…

But should we avoid it?

If you read and watch the news, the odds are that you get contagious group behavior… when farmers think that the price will fall they fall, the more people hear it, the worse it can go.

When you think for yourself, everything becomes simple. It’s different, you allow yourself to listen to people and markets and do not get the contagious mindset. You are independent. The more rational the better decisions are made.

People generally are just imitating the public mind. Few people think differently. Fewer will act independently. They don’t bother you if you don’t like them, it’s just emotions, mental issues, memories, and past sentiments activated.


Marcelo Marini

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