The Road to Prosperity

Marcelo Marini, typing from Frankfurt, Germany.

A simple way to thrive in Brazil and other parts of the world that few people take into account…

The Brazilian in general ends up spending the money that is in his bank account. The moment he reserves the money in the account he does not think he will spend it, however, as he does not set a goal for this reserved capital, in a short time the money ends up serving him for something commonplace such as the fulfillment of a wish.

This would not be a problem if the same resource does not become a habit of consuming with your reserves.

What ends up happening is that the subject repeats the same way of acting throughout life and therefore is always without money.

Saving does not work for him, because he does not allow money to accumulate, looking for a destination for the resource that was stopped.

This same 22-year-old citizen will soon be 60 years old and the misery of his pocket will be the same. What is not difficult to predict is that there is a possibility that he is even in debt at the age of 60 and with subsistence difficulties.

Something that works for all the rich is the accumulation of money. 

Only he who has an accumulation of something is truly rich, since prosperity is the accumulation of abundance, only those who accumulate something diligently become abundant. Abundance can be in numerous ways, however, in this case we are talking about money.

Another aspect that makes the rich, rich forever, is the accumulation of money applied to an interesting rate of return, monthly, which in Brazil is very easy to do, even so, we do not have a financially rich population, that is, that has accumulated something with material value.

A simple habit can destroy your chance of being rich in the future, and it is not enough to blame anyone because we can all be rich, on the contrary, what the population in general does, is accumulate financing and loans, which is the exact opposite of wealth. and it is also what guarantees the wealth of the banks, since the bank does nothing useful with your money, other than apply it as you do not do, it gets what the reader wants.

You see, we are talking about giving the money to the bank to keep and it to use its money to get rich, and anyone could do the same.

To make matters worse, it is said that investing is difficult, but in some places it is a very easy task. Therefore, whoever says this, it may be because he benefits from the fact that you do not know, and as many stop at the first mental barrier, they do not even want to learn something considered difficult. Little do they know that everything that seems difficult is actually easy if you dedicate yourself to doing it. Difficult is just an external opinion that keeps many people in the mediocrity of results.

Now let’s go to the example: Any citizen who follows this way of thinking may have an expectation of having 6 digits in investments in their account, with a simple saving of 200 reais monthly. However, this person will not be able to touch this money – so that it does not hinder him from following his destiny, which will be the accumulation of wealth.

The formula is simple:

– R$ 200 invested today.

– R$ 200 invested per month.

– 20 years without moving.

– Return rate of 9% per year.

This is not at all challenging, however if you keep, for example, this same invested capital and rate of return for 40 years, that is, continue to make simple savings throughout your life, you can reach the 7 digits, that is, the much dreamed R$ 1,000,000.00 in your account, with a minimum investment of R$ 200.00 reais per month.

Of course, this can improve, as long as you invest an additional R$ 50 reais more, or the amount you get every month. If you can save R$ 1,000.00 we will be talking about an even more expressive amount in less time!

The big secret is discipline, keeping your goal as if you were going to forget it, and having the patience to know that compound interest works for you every day – for most it works against, unfortunately – while you sleep and the more you accumulate, the greater the expectation of greater and earlier success.

But what is this simple investment that could leave most of the population rich? I’ll give you an example that yields more than that today.

You will lend your money to your country and he will return you an interest for using this money, in a simple way, you helped your country and he will pay you for this material support. No matter what he does with your money, he will return more than you lent him and as in most of life people end up giving up their dreams and living in debt which is the gateway to discouragement and resignation with life, this time you will do it differently, because you simply will not need to do anything, just have faith and Patience that this compound interest technique will be working for you. As long as the country is a good payer, and they tend to be, and you can consult a professional in the area to make sure.

You will invest in government bonds, that is, finance your country!

Better, if you persevere in the accumulation of monthly wealth, the benefits will tend to be even better.

It is by not learning this technique, which you now know, that many people accumulate debts and start to depend on others for a living, meanwhile, the bank will be diligently doing what they have not done, which is to lend their money to the government or other types of investment for a return at the end of the month.

Those who tend to fail are those who become greedy and want to enjoy the benefits ahead of time, but we well know that the fruit is only ripe at the right time and tearing the fruit off the foot ahead of time causes it not only to stop growing but also leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

The fruit taken at the right time leaves a better taste.

It’s just an example.

Follow your will.

Think wisely.


Marcelo Marini.

About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes the Independent Thinking Newsletter to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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