The Value We Create to Others.

The Value We Create to Others.

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Last week I had the opportunity to read Jeff Bezos last letter as the CEO of Amazon Inc.

It’s amazing how a single idea can create massive income to a variety of stakeholders and customers.

Hopefully that’s the case of Factual Manhattan L.L.C..

Here at Factual Manhattan L.L.C. we are committed to generate much more value than we receive.

As all spheres of life it needs to be balanced otherwise we stop being intelligent as the divinity gifted us to be in balance.

In all walks of life it’s important to have balance and consider your choices, even if you are hunting you also need to consider your choices or you can end up being hunted.

That’s how amazing life is. It gives us a gift to be here but also we need to be wise to have the right health, wealth and happiness.

One of the first customers that we had, still when we were part of KPI company, was a young traveller man called Guilherme.

Guilherme paid 500 brazilian reals to be part of a special program of building a second streaming of income on the internet.

Guilherme was an expert and travelled the world while working but he never knew that he could earn real money by creating travelling streams of money.

The Special Program was designed to be a yearly subscription but in the end of the month Guilherme (that was living in the Middle East) was able to build his first new stream of passive income, 16.000 brazilian reals in his first month (3.100%) his investment in the special program.

I can’t imagine how much it has given him now, but we know that once you upgrade your mind, you can never return to your previous state of mind. Albert Einstein said something like this.

It’s smart to use your capabilities, otherwise, there’s no reason to be gifted as we all are.

Discover the Secrets of Solid Finances and a Better Lifestyle.

Stay ahead. Up we go.


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