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Today, one of our students had a question about having Crypto in his portfolio. But, of course, investing and picking investments and products is part of each investor’s job. We teach at Factual System a general approach and philosophy to help business people and investors rethink how they react to market fluctuations, opportunities, and capital allocation. Ultimately, how you can live a better life without the news noise, but that works for you and your family with proper action.

A sure thing: Crypto’s are very volatile, and you can easily be poor and rich during a week; that’s why we will share some questions that we believe can help you apply our teachings if you want to.

Each person is different. Right?

Some people respond to stocks and crypto frenzy to make a short-term profit.

Without the proper knowledge, it can be a not-so-good strategy because people tend to use the same process that made them money, even if they don’t know why they were successful.

A pre-requisite to being successful in any endeavor is: to know what you want (vision), why you want – know thyself (Sócrates), how much you can invest/spend (confront the brutal facts), how much you can afford to lose (dominate your emotions: be rational when dealing with money), the risks involved (general knowledge about what you are doing), and how you behave (be rational) in an inevitable downside.

Our general rule is that your portfolio is more critical than your papers. That means diversifying your assets/investments is more important than what you buy. See percentual not figures—representativeness not the absolute value.

If you understand the pre-requisites above, you can know what to do; it requires self-knowledge to overcome your emotions and keep your mind rational when choosing when, how much, and how much you can afford of something.

Another good strategy is buying in tranches. As our previous written… You can buy a business and stocks in tranches when you have a higher price instability, volatility, or some economic and market signs that things are too volatile. You can split your buying or selling movement into days, weeks, months, etc. That will make the price you dealt less volatile, which is how most institutions do when investing.

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