Unlocking Your Body

NEW YORK – Breaking Habits in ways you can become a better person.

Your mind and body are connected, that’s why we can fell certain emotions depending on the way we use or move or body.

If you are a person who uses your mind more than your body, we strongly recommend you break this habit by changing the way you behave at your job, work, or life.

Most of people spend most of the day sitting and thinking.

We also suggest you to start using your body more during the day and getting to ACTION.

What can you do to become a better decision-maker? Use your body more can be one of the first steps. Renew your body fluids, stretching and moving your legs, arms, and spine in the opposite way you used to daily, and with care, without the need to rush.

Thinking is another problem that we keep bringing to our newsletters, as I’m really concern about new ways that you can practice to make better decisions, and that is getting to ACTION.

Do more, first, you plan, then you act.

Stop planning, thinking, and replanning.

Plan, Act and rethink in ways you can maximize your goals and objectives.

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About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

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