Wall Street: Is Never Going to Be the Same.

New York – Wall Street is not the same.

Car sold by $100. Its owner needed to sell because he has lost all his money in the stock market.

The 1929 Crisis has also made John D. Rockefeller rethink if he would invest in the Rockefeller Center Buildings.

Markets offer opportunities and draw down money from the poor and the rich.

It’s a matter of Time, Exposition, and Strategy.

Yesterday I had to answer a question that made me think that Wall Street is about to change. I got the idea just before visiting the New York Stock Exchange. I’m confident.

If you listen to yesterday’s podcast, you will know some of what is behind Wall Street’s curtains that no one wants to tell you.

If you copy the bankers, you are certainly going to be poor and lonely. If you copy the businessman behind the bankers, you moved one step ahead.

That’s the right mentality I’m going to share with you in tomorrow’s Real-Time.

Stay ahead.
Keep walking the path.

Yesterday’s Episode is a Must Listen.



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