We question it…

Global recession…economists, politicians, greed, and mental instability…

Marcelo Marini, typing today from Santa Maria, Brazil.

As reported last week the US was in a correction, so what’s next? down-market? That brings global fear of recession (created by PH.Ds economists, politicians, greed, and mental instability…)

Bitcoin is also in a down market, where many are asking for help – What recently went down to zero was Luna… an innovation, still being tested…

Money is never a good thing to put to on test…we question it…

Markets move up and down, that’s normal. But why move our money just because of that. What you want is not necessarily what they offer us… so we don’t mind waiting… in finances, politics, trends, and the economy… we’ve learned that patience is a wise action – or lack of action – so we better calm down while we enter a great recession, right or wrong? We’ll see… and then we’ll certainly forget about it…

Many individuals start their lives, taking borrowed money from their families, and occasionally they fail…should they ask for borrowing knowledge instead?

Because of this, we offer our teaching and readings, Factual/Real information, not fake money news…

If you think of being wealthy you should not test things with all your money, that’s something families can teach… a long-term view, being selective, investing in quality, always pay a reasonable price, forget about government, fake money news, forget all frenzy/trendy/greed, focus on work and family, long term.

That’s why we try to keep a daily mental diet… we don’t want to be fooled by this fugazi

See you soon,

Marcelo Marini

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