What would you do?

Good morning everyone,

Improving life is simple.

Just get rid of the bad habits.

Okay, which habits are not good?

Then we come to self-knowledge, the perception of the senses, life itself, and the why. Especially the observation of oneself.

Looking at yourself as an observer, what habits do I cultivate? which ones are automated? Why did I automate them?

The perception of what I do always leads me to the same path, happiness, sadness, opportunities, or problems?

Where do I place my attention? Where do I put my time?

From there will be the results of my life.

A lot of thoughts come up, don’t they?


What goes through your mind when you’re not in a trance state…

We live in a trance state… many don’t know what they are doing with their own life, what is the purpose, where am I going then? Why am I here?

Bad habits trap you in dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and lack of “luck”…

So how to change it? If you want your life back. So you will need to fight, and it is with consistency that you fight to change bad habits, improve them, and change the designs of your life.

It’s up to you to achieve what they want, but why don’t you achieve it?

Suppose you had another life. What would you do with your life?

But now that you have the one you are living with now, what would you do?

What will your choices be?

Once you decide, everything opens up to you; as long as you cling to your old way of being, it will only drag on.

When change occurs, it does not take long; it takes time, it is a sign of a lack of decision, and change, when it happens, is immediate. Change is a decision that cannot be taken back.

My five habits to start the day winning (from a series of more than 14 – practiced for almost a decade).

More to come.


About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

I've been teaching people from more than 7 countries to achieve personal freedom, and financial independence, and live happier.

Marcelo Marini is a global entrepreneur, financier, and author with over 20,000 readers across 4 continents.

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