White Paper

Consistency builds astounding results.

We had a wonderful sunny day here in the southern hemisphere, full of energy: 

Sunbath, gym, running, meditation, energy, yoga, listening to a new audiobook, writing my Dairy, lots of fun… just before work.

It all started with a notebook, a pen, and the title “White Paper.” It evolved to the Dairy with insights, agenda, to-do-things, and priorities which have helped me to get a lot done over the years.

The “White Paper” was the way I got to this diary. It’s a tinny little thing I have been doing daily for over ten years.

I’ve been writing my Dairy for almost seven years. It’s been a great lesson in self-discovering, getting to know myself, and getting things done!

Though the bad and good days, in the end, it’s always worth keeping a note, which R. does very well and has helped me write my daily gratitude as well, which I’m thankful for keeping!

Name of the game? Consistency builds astounding results.

Keep following the path!

Life is good,


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About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

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