Investing Secret: Why Most Investors Fail?

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Some investors are concerning about #bitcoin fallout #elsalvador and #bovespa at 113K.

Remember that the secret of investing is not picking suitable investments. Honestly, you’ll never know how a business or the economy will perform at a particular time.

We live in an uncertain world, that’s why you should pick the best business, listen, it’s not your choice as everybody does.

It’s not about you. It’s not emotional. There’s no connection in this market, right? It’s not about how do you think that the future will perform. It’s about business. What is the best company to buy?

Think, you already have the money. You can buy more than 5000 stocks, which one are you going to buy? The ones you like?
Why? Are we missing something?

Again, it’s not about you. It’s about the business, numbers, rationalization, effectiveness, a performing business, economy, ETF, REIT.

Well, in some cases, you’ve got to find a good deal, but it’s not binary; you can’t invest all your money in a business just because you think it’s going to perform if you don’t understand the chances of that business surviving and being effective in a specific time.

If you do it well, the most part of the work is doing nothing.

Move ahead. Good acts make the right results in life.

Think wisely, act right.



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