Why Not Changing?

NEW YORK – Why not changing?

The most part of our days is managed by your habits, even if you are investing the chances are that your are repeating what the others are doing? Why?

Investment perspective

Everyone does the same, everyone copy the others. Why? Because they assume that others have more conditions than themselves.

Business perspective

From the business perspective, everyone copies the benchmark, and it’s completely non-sense. Every business is a copy of the benchmark. Sometimes that’s what prevents clients from identifying with the business. It’s subtle, but a business like Starbucks is incredible because of what?

Life perspective

Every business has a soul; every investor uses his soul to pick investments and set up a portfolio. Everyone has its own path, and coping with others is the greatest lie we ever hear.

Try to copy someone else’s portfolio, try to copy someone else’s next step? It can be a challenge.

Why can’t we copy others?

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Stay ahead.


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