Factual Money

Factual Money is a manifesto of how to live differently, with principles, concepts, and techniques that will free you from time and location to live your dreams, escaping the normal lifestyle, endless apologies, overwhelming, and overthinking—choosing freedom and independence of thought, and realization.

Factual Money by Factual Manhattan L.L.C. is responsible for publishing Marcelo Marini’s principles, thoughts, and teachings.

Marcelo Marini’s Diary

Marcelo Marini offers a weekly reflective piece on essential topics such as business, finances, and independent thinking. His thought-provoking content seeks to assist individuals in navigating the world with freedom and independence. It is a valuable resource for those seeking guidance on contemporary issues that impact our daily lives. Marcelo’s perspective is unique and engaging, and his work is geared toward informing and educating readers on different aspects of their personal and professional realization. A highly recommend reading for those who seek to live a better life.

About Marcelo Marini

Marcelo Marini has been mentioned in the book, The Entrepreneurial Mind (Gus Oliveira, NYC), in the article, The Macroeconomics of Intuition (Fabs Martins, UK), participated in the Steve Jobs Movie (Universal Studios, 2015), and has been a speaker at the ASO – American States Organization (Washington DC), in universities, and TedX. Marcelo is a Startup Embassy Consul (Palo Alto, Silicon Valley).

A Silicon Valley technology industry entrepreneur defined him:

Very few times in my life, I have come across truly exceptional entrepreneurs; Marcelo is one of those few thinkers and achievers. It’s rare to find a standout talent like Marcelo.

Besides managing his business worldwide… Marcelo Marini has been writing Marcelo Marini’s Diary for over 6 years to over 20,000 readers along with his Podcasts. He sees opportunities everywhere, in business and lifestyle improvement. He traveled about 25,000 air miles just recently …. He spoke in different countries such as the United States, China, Uruguay, and Brazil… his networking reaches more than 30 countries.

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