Ai surpassed most workers

It is only a matter of time before the job market changes completely. AI has already surpassed most of the world's population. Companies will begin searching for and hiring AI managers urgently. It is only a matter of time before the job market changes completely. The day-to-day life will change completely. To receive new posts... Read more

Illusions make the man

As we may be changing the primary trend the opposite of prosperity… when businesses have less revenue, less profit, fewer employees, and more consumers have less buying power to buy something they want… it makes this author think…  Our president’s offer ends tomorrow, open your eyes: Get 60% off for 1 year Are we still... Read more

The history of man today and the vision for the future.

New brain old manners... lack is limited thinking... and knowledge. As our civilization evolves, the way we live is gradually transforming. While it's possible to maintain a lifestyle akin to ancient civilizations, the technological advancements and knowledge we have today offer us far more possibilities. Consider the microcosm of social media; while it's feasible to... Read more

In case you want it…

Wealth-creation, financial reserves, navigating challenges with ease. Today, we delve into the art of wealth creation, a journey that demands a unique mindset. The secret to sustained wealth lies not in the size of one's bank account, but in the power of one's thinking. When your earnings start to accumulate, knowing where to channel these... Read more