You can actually train your brain. Marcelo Marini, Fridays on Real-Time interaction. I got this question from one of our members in New York.  To evolve in your career, keep challenging yourself. We are always improving.  Do what seems difficult to you now and keep consistency in what you want to develop. It regards determination and willpower.  I wasn't a... Read more

How to Make a Fortune in Stocks and the Business World

Editor’s note: Here’s what you need to know about Marcelo Marini and Rafaela's writings and resources available in English and Portuguese this week. Most people lose money on companies and stocks. They fear the inevitable political changes and motivated, social, and international complications affecting their money and business. They don't want to lose money or... Read more

You Should Not Worry

Entrepreneurship... Investing...Trading... Editor's Note:  Entrepreneurship... Investing...Trading... What we selected for our members this week; Rafaela's weekly update on Philosophy. Business Building, investment buildings. Author's archives. You Should Not Worry Marcelo Marini, 15th February 2023. Most of the unsuccessful entrepreneurs I've met lost more than they invested... Most of them have already started the wrong way...... Read more

Markets behave as humans behave.

Speculators, investors, irrationality, market behavior, philosophy. Editor’s Note:  Speculators, investors, irrationality, and market behavior, from Marcelo Marini; What we selected for our members this month; Rafaela’s weekly update on Philosophy. Business & Buildings during the pandemic, New York. Source: Marcelo Marini Archives. In situations of fear, most humans tend to react like animals in a... Read more