Hermès Ferrari

Save...invest...repeat? Marcelo Marini, tipping today in search of meaningful business… Photo by Jinsoo Choi on Unsplash Hermès had another excellent year. You better start saving… Wedding… Saturday we went to a wedding party, it was amazing, Priest to Party, all excellent… people create problems when there’s non… we tried to cultivate the classy our grandpa taught… but we... Read more

Human Stupidity

Watch it... it's happening... non-stop...Two ways of making money... Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash Earlier this week we shared a speaking cycle we are holding this month, one event a week, sharing our thoughts on Value Creation, Corporate Finance, and Investing.  Sadly most of the CEOs and CFOs experts don’t get it right, regardless of attending to... Read more

“Secure Money”, now possible.

Not available on banks and brokers. Dear member, How does predictability help you grow? How can you create solid money like the wealthiest families in the world? Project number three: Money should be invested in predictable solid opportunities (so the odds are that you don't lose it) and allow it the possibility to grow steadily.... Read more