Don’t lose money. Here’s the deal.

Don't lose money: Save 30% of your income. Don't spend what you have. It will attract misery to your life. Save 30% of your income. If you do more than 20% already, you are rocking it. If you can't reach 30%, you must evaluate where you put your money or review your life and objectives.... Read more

Your life back

Project Number One: Master Plan your Future. Dear member,  To achieve more, we all need some tools, like constructing a building. Some tools are a necessity! In the case of creating your wealth, independence, and freedom, it's the same. We must develop new skills, work smarter, create wealth, and invest wisely. Our concepts, techniques, and... Read more

The best is yet to come.

Good morning friends, This week we start a new series of Podcast episodes. Below are some feedbacks from you. -Man, it was very good! -Much better that way. We used to start Saturday mornings together for years, do you remember? So it was a pleasure to write to you every Saturday bringing new points of... Read more