Illuminates the Thoughts

Thinking wisely is something we don’t learn at school, business, or even university. Eventually, we came across commentaries on finance, markets, and life that are somehow “limited”. Independent thinking illuminates the thoughts for the dear reader… Take the following examples: Finances: What’s the financial problem you are currently facing? Markets: The economy is doing badly,... Read more

Contagious Thinking

Contagious thinking is when you don’t think but get influenced to act in a certain way. The more you are exposed to the news and circumstances the higher the possibility of getting contagious thoughts.  Contagious thinking is not independent thinking. It brings a lack of wisdom, health, money, and sanity. The more you think for... Read more

Honesty pays off

If you never find your passion, the thing that makes you excited about today and the future, you will never live fully. It doesn’t matter how much you make today, you can be rich and miserable. Most people don’t think of life.  They only have objectives about money. What if you have an objective to... Read more


Marcelo Marini, writing Memories from Cancun, Mexico. Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash Dear member, How do you start your day? All days should be the same! All different! What’s the enjoyment of having it all but not having peace of mind? Here’s the 3 steps routine we recommend. My Life: Do the things that will make your... Read more