“Secure Money”, now possible.

Not available on banks and brokers. Dear member, How does predictability help you grow? How can you create solid money like the wealthiest families in the world? Project number three: Money should be invested in predictable solid opportunities (so the odds are that you don't lose it) and allow it the possibility to grow steadily.... Read more


World & War, Prices, P/E, Concerns, and Opportunities. Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. Dear subscriber, We don't communicate often. We don't sell news frenzy; we don't like talking too much. We work hard. But we prefer a few things; we prefer quality over quantity. We don't spend time in the Bla-Bla-Bla media. We like being different... Read more

Inspiration to long-term investors

Feb/21 - Country home, Brazil. Dear subscriber. I'm delighted to share with you some articles that have made my life easier, so I strongly recommend your reading if you want to. I'm thrilled to share with you some of the working materials that have been inspiring hundreds of capital allocators, investors, and businesses in the... Read more

From Chaos to Gibraltar

Dear subscriber, If you want to become an investor, you better become a long-term investor and a business investor first. Then, you can go from your business mentality to an investor mentality. It's much easier to go that way. Chaos is what you find in most businesses, financially speaking... Somehow Warren Buffett came up with... Read more

Invest like a financial Guru.

Over the last years, I've been helping people around the globe to learn to invest without the need of banks and financial institutions. So here are my secret-hidden secrets to help investment beginners invest like the best in the financial market field. Actually better than them. Here's my short intro: Marcelo Marini (World-class serial entrepreneur,... Read more

Savvy investor short secret

Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. As an investor, it is never too late to invest in high-quality businesses, preferably those that invest in themselves regardless of the market environment. It will make its investors benefit from their earnings growth. Stick with the right stocks for the long run is more beneficial than trading stocks for lack... Read more