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How does predictability help you grow?

How can you create solid money like the wealthiest families in the world?

Project number three:

  • Money should be invested in predictable solid opportunities (so the odds are that you don’t lose it) and allow it the possibility to grow steadily.

Money should be invested in predictable solid opportunities in ways you don’t lose it and compound monthly.

Most people don’t like to invest because:

They invest in investments that are only beneficial to the bank. And that’s why bankers are usually taught to learn sales tactics and persuasion, so they can sell poor products in a fashionable way that looks solid (mostly for them).

Also, people often lose money because they invest in the wrong companies. This is because they don’t know what they are doing.

…They hear people that have made at least one of the above…

In ways to earn, you will need to get out of the banking system.

You will need to learn to earn. And it can be simple if you forget what you already know and start with these basic investment principles. 

  • Solid long-term investments are reliable ones.
  • Simple is always the best.
  • Looking for new money, opportunities, and trendy investments is a wonderful way to lose time.
  • Trusting bankers and brokers is delusional, but they can be helpful if you know what you want.
  • Good companies are great businesses and need to be bought for a reasonable price.
  • Great companies can be predictable.
  • Your wealth can be predictable as well.
  • There will always be risks, and you should know the rules before investing money.
  • Publishers make news to drive people to their products to sell ads. So they are not made for you.
  • People that try to predict the markets are always wrong.
  • We need to trust what has already been delivered by facts.
  • An investor is a long-term investor in a solid business that can help them create wealth for their business and family, like the wealthier families in the world. Mainly they invest in good companies.
  • Stock traders are speculators. They are the ones who play the game and don’t necessarily are the ones with real wealth or family wealth.
  • More can be found in our newsletters and teachings…

So you should look for solid, quality, and value businesses with a great product or company behind them. With tangible assets, fiduciary responsible and good management, and good profit. It all can be measured somehow. And you will need to buy those companies’ shares for a reasonable value and keep buying them periodically if it’s reasonable.

Buying a share of this kind of company will make you feel that your money is safe because there’s a rock-solid product, a chain of products, and a company behind it. Once they deliver good work, their metrics will be in good shape, their finances will be sound, and their investors will be glad to do business with them for a long time. 

Because markets move up and down daily, prices as well, great companies with huge cash are solid businesses that will be steady and predictable, and that’s how predictable money is. It will prove that you have found a great partner to rely your capital on, so you will feel certain of what you have done. There are metrics to help you understand it.

With that in mind won’t be necessary to pay constant attention to where you invest your money and if the economy is going up or down. So you can invest your time and energy in the next pillar that will be essential and critical as it has been for the wealthiest families in the world.

Confident of your acts, you can move forward in life. Certain of your success. Secure money, although most of their family wealth is in good reliable companies all over the globe.

To learn how to find good quality companies for a reasonable price, we invite you to learn to analyze what makes a good business and a good business stick. Also, what makes them called reliable to “secure money”.

See you next week.


Marcelo Marini

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