Entrepreneurship Q&A Sessions – NYC

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Duration: 4 hours.

In this series of interviews with International Multi-Entrepreneurs, our goal is to bring new visions and possibilities to our members who are interested in entrepreneurship and growth, creating their future and helping them on the path to financial independence.

In these classes, we have a cool chat with 3 successful entrepreneurs who will help you with 3 things:

Bring new visions for you to undertake.
Help understand the process of setting goals and learn about tools to know what to do and when to do it.
Help you start life planning and start changing your habits so that you can seek and achieve your goals, whether short, medium, or long term.
Have you ever thought about having access to time at this level? Advising you on how to create your future and be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Don’t miss the opportunity to achieve more. Watch the interviews and have access to Global Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs, who will help you discover new ideas, visions, and paths. Remember the cost of not making this decision is what makes you just one of the 80% of unsuccessful entrepreneurs.