Where’s the money now? Skin in the game.


Dear subscriber,

Yesterday we shared with you some of my personal performance on stocks… I’ll explain better… check it here.

Markets are really interesting this year and the past, but I’m not here to know past movements, I’m here to take the next bus to my personal destination.

Where’s the money now?

That’s the question that keep up in my mind and the main objection you can have is not having the asset allocation mindset that I developed, but you can do it buy learning and we have tons of content here so you’ll be able to achieve your personal dreams, achieve your personal independence and walk the path of personal freedom, it’s really a mindset, not all the BS that people talk on forums and social media.

My mind keeps researching holdings and NOW I think it is a great time to start investing in some sectors that are CRUCIAL to life itself these days.

Industrals for example are popping up and techs not so…

Does the average person really change it’s habits?

Let’s make money while watching this whole show.

Keep it up.



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