How to track, chase and conquer your dreams.

Let’s get really focused.

What you need to do to track, chase and conquer your dreams.

Before reading this article, concentrate on your breath, relax, be tranquil and ask the universe to guide you throughout the reading with a sense of peace and serenity.

1st Action: First of all, you have to have a vision; you have to visualize it and work towards it. You gotta have a single vision to accomplish and know exactly where you wanna be.

Then it’s time to materialize emotionally the feeling of the vision being accomplished; you gotta transform the thinking in feeling at your whole body.

Everything you can concept you can get, and thing your mind can conceive you can hold in your hands. If you think of something you are already prepared to accomplish, it’s just a matter of belief and action.

2nd Action: Place a Believe statement in your mirror and look at it emotionally every morning; every time you see it, vibrate the feeling of accomplishing it.

3rd Action: Then, write down and read daily your Vision statement (in the present tense). In the back of it, place a single objective you want to achieve and write down (in the present tense), and remember to write down a gratitude note to have been attained your goals.

Remember that that’s a price to it, so you should only focus on the things worth it to the universe; remember to do an excellent service to others, always.

As long as you have a Vision and you really Believe – Profoundly feeling how it’s going to be, bring it to the present moment.

Then it’s time to the action, avoid thinking about how you will achieve your vision, focus on action.

4th Action: Avoid overthinking and start doing. Each small and significant step is essential; once you bring confidence to the game becomes impossible to stop you from achieving your vision. The only thing that will hold you will be fear or doubts (overthinking again). Both can be overcome by thinking in pleasurable moments why you should accomplish your goals; it’s imperative to act, not think. It’s crucial to avoid free mental playing (when your mind is working on memories, past, would, could, ifs…). You need to overcome this barrier; the same way you need to pass the first waves before entering the ocean, you can swim freely. It will try to bring you down, overcome your fears by correct thoughts, actions, and remembering your mission. It’s crucial to clear your mind, let the past pass, be open to a bright new future, not thinking, feeling it, and be able to high your frequencies.

Working on your mission should be a DOING thinking, diligently, every day. There’s no need for external motivation to accomplish your vision; just believe on the positive side of each moment, interaction, attitude, and keep on flowing higher frequencies.

By the time you start attracting all the wealth necessary to your life, be aware of: the signs, the people that come to you, news, coincidences, messages, calls, talk; it’s a sign that it’s coming.

5th Action: It’s essential also that you track your mission by using pen and paper or Goal Setting software; the matter is not the software or tool. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your vision, and keep track of it daily. I recommend that you do it purposely, intentionally, consistently for 66 days without interruption. The higher the batter to form new synapses and consolidate them. It’s really up to you. All the wealth of the world is available to you. Focus on what you wish for the good of others. Feeling and Service are the keys.

Use the power of the mornings to set up a new future as you deserve.

It’s is up to be and it’s up to you.




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Additional information: The tracking goals system that I use. (It’s not essential, nothing should stop you from conquering your mission).

About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes the Independent Thinking Newsletter to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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