The Only 3 Ways to Wealth

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As mentioned last week, there are only 3 ways of wealth.

Yesterday we told you that we were about to reveal it (subscribers-only)…

Here we are detailing the Blueprint, what they are, and the steps necessary to achieve it in precise detail.

If you are not happier and richer then you are doing something wrong with your time…

Forget about it… 

Time doesn’t exist, what exists are activities.

Until 2015 I was running out of time…


If you are not running your activities well you will run out of “time”.

I mean, not just regular time (12/24 hours a day). Your lifetime-time.

Take a moment to reflect on it…

Now, what would you do?

There are only 3 ways of creating wealth…

If you could, from today on, independent of your age, start a new life, a new path how would you start making more money?

A.     Selling Your Time

B.      Investing

C.      Creating New Sources of Income

Instructions:  A) 96% of the population.  B) Only those who really understand business.  C) 96% of the money in the world.

You can choose as many as you want.

A) Selling Your Time

Let me tell you something worthy of knowing for your pocket, wisdom, happiness, and future…

If you just want to find inspiration here’s an insight to take with you today, make money with it by doing a good service for society, like improving the lives of others. 

The success you have in life is measured by:

1.     The need for what you do (demand).

2.     The experience you have (knowledge & wisdom).

3.     How difficult is it to replace you (your value).

B) Investing

Only for people who understand how a business really work, not the stockmarket and economics. Although there are certain secrets Hidden that can make real benefit to long-term investors.

What’s important to start?

1.     Create a Budget.

2.     Make projections based on the Capital you will invest and your Monthly contributions.

3.     Understand and Create a Portfolio.

4.     Select Investments aligned with your level of knowledge, temperament, need of capital and objectives.

C) Creating Multiple Sources of Income

Most entrepreneurs think that when they open a store clients will explode on their door to buy new products!

Suppose you are starting a new business, below the 1 million mark…

What would you do?

Suppose you are running a company above the 10 million mark…

What would you do? the answer is completely different, although most entrepreneurs do it wrong.

What’s the greatest need for a company below the 1 million mark? 

  • When I ask my students they answer things like…
  • Open the business documentation…
  • Search for office spaces…
  • search office furniture…
  • organize the office and spaces…

the list goes on and on.

That’s why some entrepreneurs and business people open a business. A few years later it’s closed.

Because people are not as confident as they think, they don’t like the hard work of sales…Lots to learn before the thrill of putting your head into a new world.

If a new business needs money (cash flow), it needs sales!… not just sale, sale sale, but sales and marketing intelligence would help.

Independent of the New Source of Income you are setting you need to have.

  1. New Ideas
  2. A New Plan
  3. Gether New Knowledge 
  4. Act in a Different Way
  5. Create Multiple Sources of Income

Here are 24 ideas for you to start with.


Marcelo Marini

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