A new economic disaster

Brazil’s Central Bank now prints R$200 bills…soon what?

Marcelo Marini typing today from Office.

When I was a child, I used to buy snacks for a quarter. Now I don’t think my nephew could buy it for less than two bucks. So we saw food, car, trucks, homes, and even farmland prices increase enormously in less than twenty years.

ATM: I withdraw hundreds of bills on a recent Cancun trip with no real value… I did the same in China, Russia, and Argentina… now what?

That’s what inflation does. First, something costs a dime, then suddenly 1 dollar, and in years it can reach 100-200 bucks.

Brazil’s Central Bank now prints R$200 bills. So when are R$500 bills popping up? It’s just a matter of time.

Is FED creating a new economic disaster?

Purchase power is a real deal. If you earn more, you have a more significant purchase power. Then you can spend more like what the government does. 

Because we were born with a few issues, we usually spend more than we can. That’s why bankers love people! Because we are foolish.

All those gifts, black cards, and small talk have in common. They are meant to inflate your ego, block your rational mind and sell yourself short by being emotional and tending to stupidity.

Credit creates bubbles…

What a mess a group of PH.Ds can do?

Soon a $500 bill in your pocket!

Inflation can’t get anyone richer, it’s just a sensation, but you are poorer.

What do you pocket?

Is cash king? Even in inflation times? So why did Warren Buffett spend more on buying business shares this quarter?


Stay tuned.

Marcelo Marini

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